Vitamin L

It’s been a long day at the office. Your boss has never ending expectations and not enough time, your lunch was rushed and you found yourself eating in front of the computer again. You leave the office and arrive at your front door. Now what? You start that process of unwinding and begin to separate yourself from work mode into life mode.  As you do this are you giving yourself vitamin L?

We all know that vitamin c gives us a strong immune system, calcium leads to healthier bone mass, magnesium aids in muscle recovery, but what about vitamin L - love?

Vitamin L can come in a few different forms, but it always stems from our relationship with ourselves. Yes, it’s been said by many parents, teachers and health coaches before — “you have to love yourself, before you love anyone else”. Which is true, but how frustrating is that to hear, when you don’t even know how to begin? Giving yourself love is a daily practice that requires understanding and patience. 

I’m going to share a few tips on how to reconnect you back with YOU. Because you can’t afford not to.  When we disregard giving our bodies and mind a daily dose of vitamin L, we risk leading an imbalanced life on a cellular level.

First let's understand why this needs to happen.

When we experience something traumatic, which in these days can be something as small as dropping your phone, waiting on a text from last night’s hookup or large, like a car accident or even bigger, getting held up at gun point - our body produces cortisol, that chemical bi-product of the fight or flight response. When cortisol is release every cell in your body absorbs it and carries it through your blood, bones, muscles and organs.

Those cells then communicate with one another and even as you create new cells they pass along information about those previous stressors, so new cells evolve with stressed out information. Which can lead to negative habits that take away from you -- us -- living to our highest potential everyday.

So let’s break this mold and start healing our cells, body and mind!

First things first, get your body moving and start introducing better foods.  This is the best way to reconnect back with yourself.  Your body will thank you for it. I know it’s not always easy making time during the week, but try to be creative with how you plan your days — if you need to see a friend in town, swap sweat over cocktails — go for a hike or to studio class. Or try to invite friends over for dinner.  You can set the mood with a cuisine or potluck and everyone will most likely enjoy the intimacy of a home cooked meal over a restaurant.

Second, start the day with an intention.  This is a big one. When you wake up and begin your daily routine, start to think about how you see the day playing out. What’s your outlook? How can you improve on yourself?  I usually write down my intentions while I’m drinking tea in the morning.  It sets me up for the day and helps me be more accountable for my actions.

Wanna take it one step further? In the evening reflect on how your day played out.  Did you stick to your intention?  What served you well that day and what didn’t. What ever didn’t serve you, take note.

Next, write a list of everyone who supports you or just puts a smile on your face - this can be your parents, your barista or your cat. All forms of genuine kind connection count. Now think about why they make you feel happy and hold onto that.

The b-side of this step is to also clean out the people who do not make you feel good.  If you have any toxic relationships, with friends, co-workers, neighbors etc, do as much as you can to get them out of your life. You can be kind to them, but don’t be afraid to set up boundaries and stick to them.  This will give you so much freedom! When it comes down to it, you only have this one precious life and if something or someone isn’t serving you to reach the best version of you, do your best to cut ties.

And lastly, when you’re ready - genuinely give back. Most of the time our perspective is to receive and then give.  Try to just give. Give your energy, presence, time and even money to those in need.  When you change this perspective you’ll start the see that synchronicity will start to creep in your life and others around will so much more willing to give back to you. It all starts with the perspective :)

So there you have it! In short, get that booty moving, introduce more wholesome foods, start the day with a positive intention, clean out those toxic relationships and make note of those who love you. And finally, when you’re ready, give back. 

If you have any questions, reach out, I’d love to hear about your journey to a healthier, happier you!

With love and gratitude.


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