Kombucha : Why and How I Make It

So first of all. What is Kombucha and how can it help you and your health?

Kombucha is a bubbly probiotic tonic made of a mushroom, tea and sugar. The mushroom sits in a glass jar and ferments as it eats and processes the sugar in the tea. That fermentation occurs over several days and creates a lovely, fizzy, probiotic filled cocktail.  Probiotics are know as the good bacteria in your gut that help you:

             Properly digest your food

            Fend off harmful pathogenic bacteria and fungi such as Candida

            Direct local and systemic immune function       

            Cool inflammation

            Fight infections

            Enhance nutrient absorption

            Promote optimal bowel motility

Kind of amazing stuff :)

These benefits not only make you feel lighter, more focused, present and calm, but it can even do wonders to your skin and energy. I’m serious. Your gut is your second brain and is the skin to your organs. Everything that comes through your mouth is broken down and delivered as nutrients and messages.

How does Kombucha differ from other probiotic-rich foods?

Luckily there are so many delicious probiotic choices like yogurt, fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, sourdough bread.. etc. The list goes on and on. But you need to be mindful about how that food effects you.

A generic yogurt with cow’s milk is a recipe for candida over-growth, as it’s extremely high in sugar - and sugar mixed with milk creates an acidic environment in the gut, which is not ideal for overall gut health.

Pickles are heavenly when home-made. Unfortunately, most pickles from the store have additives in them to keep them on the shelf longer. I’ve got a great pickle recipe if you’re into that too.

Kombucha isn’t better nor more effective than other probiotic sources, but it happens to be an easy way for me to get in my healthy dose of probiotics on a daily basis.

Every morning, I start my day with a shot of a strong batch of ‘buch on an empty stomach. It wakes me up, and get’s me going! Sometimes, if I’m feeling like I’m low in energy in the afternoon or I’m leaning towards a snack, I’ll drink some buch to help satiate that craving.

Another way I like to enjoy it is when I’m at a day party and really don’t want to drink, but want to have a fun “party drink” I’ll bring over several bottles and serve up shots for friends. It’s a hit, but that could just be Venice J Either way, you’ll inspire someone to maybe start adding more kombucha in their day-to-day life!



Summer’s Recipe for Classic Kombucha

What You Need:

+ A cool dark place (I keep mine in the kitchen cabinet)

+ Organic Black Tea

+ Organic Raw Cane Sugar

+ Glass jar preferably a gallon

I emphasize organic tea and sugar because the mother will eat whatever is in the jar and you really want high quality ingredients.

How To Make The Tea:

+ 4 cups of water boiled

+ 12 grams of tea

+ 1 cup of sugar

+ 1.5 cups of water

Brew the tea, mix in the sugar, and dilute with water. Once the tea has cooled you can pour back into the larger jar. Then add the mother and let ferment for 5-7 days. I like to taste mine as each day passes to notice the flavor change.

How to bottle AKA second fermentation.

When you’re ready to bottle your ‘buch, take out the mother (with clean hands) and place in a ceramic or glass container. It’s advised to not use metal, as that can negatively affect the molecular composition of the mother.

In Feng Shui they say that metals carry EMFs and it’s possible that the frequency from EMFs could effect the molecules in the ‘buch.

Now that your mother is in a separate container, you’re ready to bottle your ‘buch, by pouring into tight sealing mason jars.  You’ll want to also leave a little 'buch in the main jar so it can help start the fermentation in the next round.

I like to leave my mason jars on the counter for a few days, to let it continue to ferment. Then when you’re happy with the carbonation, pop it in the fridge and enjoy later.

This is also a good time to add a bit of flavoring if you desire. I like to add fresh fruit, or other types of teas like hibiscus and chai! YUM!!

Have fun and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Kombucha is a forgiving and intuitive process. You can always modify quantities to adjust to your liking.

Let me know how it goes!!

Happy brewing!