Hump Day HIIT :: Core Control


This week I’d love for you to try Dafne Schipper’s "Core Control” workout from the NTC App.

First of all Dafne is one badass girl. She is the 2015 WORLD CHAMPION of the 200m and holds the European record for a time of 21.63 seconds. I mean... C'mon. This girl is too hot to trot.

Dafne's workout is perfect because it does a great job of isolating the core and bringing awareness into the hip flexors, gluteus, hamstrings – all of which can be troublesome when out of alignment. This mini workout also emphasizes muscle-mobility and better prepares for your workout today, tomorrow and the next day.

Total time for the workout is 12 minutes. If you want to add cardio, add a run after the first round and again after the second. You’ll leave feeling WORKED, but balanced.  

Single Leg Squat to Walk Out

Lateral Bear Crawls

Dead Bug

Hip Extension w/ Pulse

Alternating Crab Reach

Alternating Romanian Deadlift

(x2 :50 each exercise)


Enjoy and let me know how it goes!!