Fit for Thanksgiving

Essential tips to enjoy the annual feast to the fullest, without feeling your fullest.


I don’t know about you, but I love Thanksgiving. The smell of pie fresh out of the oven, vibrant fall vegetables, wine, warmth, good company and the occasional awkward family moment. It’s all worth the cheat day of all cheat days - except for those feelings of a food coma. No one deserves to feel that way.

Here are my top tips for enjoying a guilt free day that celebrates rich and delicious food.

1) Plan your workout around your day.

If you’re training for a marathon and have the time, I recommend scheduling this day for your long run. That pumpkin pie will be all the more sweeter.

Don’t have too much time? Go for a quick high intensity session close to your meal time. The body more readily absorbs sugar and fat when it’s repairing muscles. So ultimately less sugar will stay dormant in your system, before it eventually passes into your blood stream, and raises your insulin levels.

2) Drink 75% of your water for the day before 11 am.

I love this trick when I’m on set for a production as well.

The more your body is hydrated the less likely you are to crave starches and sugar-laden foods. Your body will be more in-tuned and will stop when it’s full rather than allowing you to ignore these warning signs with dehydration and sugar cravings. 

3) Practice mindful eating. 

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for each other, for the beautiful harvest in front of us and for all of life's gifts. Let this meal be special and savor it.

A good trick is to count your chews. Try to chew at least 20 times before swallowing.

4) Drink a glass of hot water with lemon before and after your meal.

Drinking hot lemon water is a wonderful daily habit. If you’re not already practicing this, try adding it into your morning routine (before caffeine).

Hot lemon water helps detox the body by balancing PH levels. It also wakes up your digestive track and better prepares your body to pass food through with ease. Plus, lemon juice contains pectin which is a soluble fiber known to aid in weight loss. 

5) Pack Charcoal.

If you’re a guest and not sure about what’s on the table, pack a little charcoal in your carry on. If after your meal and feeling slightly sick from a food sensitivity (or maybe a little too much wine) take a charcoal tablet to help alleviate pain.