How to Plan Your Workouts

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How are you going with your workouts?


So this is quick post from the lovely girls at Bottoms Up Fitness on how to effectively schedule your workouts for the best results. I just did a 6-week program with these girls and I have to say it was both amazing and confronting at the same time. I had to look at all of myself (with love) and truly start to be honest about the good and bad parts of myself, like how much I love the way yoga makes me feel and how addicted I can be to sugar... Loved it.

Anyways...I know it can be somewhat confusing to know what a perfect training week should be like when we have so many options -Cardio? Weight training? Or yoga?

This recommended schedule is unique to everyone so take a look at the guide below and think about what you want to accomplish and how you can tailor it specifically to your needs! Feel free to comment below on any questions or reach out if you'd like to chat more in detail.

I’d love to hear from you!

 So regardless of your goals, you need to get uncomfortable in your workouts at least 2-3 times a week. This means, you need to sweat, burn and reach the point where you want to quit and then push through. This feeling of overcoming obstacles is so important for our evolution as humans.  I believe that through challenges and pushing the limits is when we start to see the rawest form of ourselves, which can help you understand yourself better everyday.

 It’s also the best way to see physical results in your body!

Okay - enough chatting here's the good stuff:


Time it right

One of the most important things you can do is find a time that best suits your energy levels and schedule, then open your diary and get planning. Pop all your work, school and family commitments in before you ‘book’ your training sessions as if they were business meetings.


Include Functional Movement

Including some functional movement in your training schedule is important. This basically means that as well as workouts that focus on building strength and burning fat, you are also improving other movement skills that apply to your daily life and hobbies, such as agility, balance and conditioning. Think bending, throwing, catching, rotating, balancing, crawling, side-stepping, leaping and striking. Hint: most machines in gyms won’t fit this description, so get outdoors, or fin yourself a personal trainer who can guide you through a quality functional session once a week.


 Move every day

Try not to think about exercise in terms of burning calories or something you’re doing short-term just to lose a cheeky few kilos. Focus on moving your body because it makes you feel good, not because you have a weekly exercise quota and remember, movement can be anything from walking to stretching, dancing with your girlfriends, playing with your kids, climbing trees, going surfing or stand-up paddle-boarding. So much more fun than sitting on the couch all day, right?

 Amp up the fun

Dreading workouts is sooooo last year. These days, there are so many workout options that you’re guaranteed to find one that tickles your fancy.

 Have you heard of class pass??

 If you love solo workouts, try shaking up your routine with a few workout DVDs, or just set yourself a timed challenge, or weight lifting goal and see if you can beat it! If you’re a gal who needs a little company, join a bootcamp that creates fun workouts and provides an awesome group vibe. BUF hot tip: once a week do an activity that is absolutely new, or purely for fun. Stuck for ideas? Try a dance class, take a SUP lesson, go for a romantic sunset walk with your man, or just hit the beach and do a little body surfing.

 It’s gotta be sustainable

There are 52 weeks in that diary, so make your exercise plan sustainable. Don’t go too hard from day one, rather spread your energy out with a mix of intense workouts, lower intensity efforts and ‘just for fun’ activities that get you moving. Make it realistic – 3 quality workouts every week of the year will get you much better results than 5 workouts one week and zero for the next few. Being extreme does not create lifelong, healthy habits.


Nutrition rules

Training with intensity and consistency means your body will be crying out for adequate nutrients and repair time. A quality diet and sleep routine is important, so pop those all-important recovery days in your plan, set an alarm that reminds you to turn off your screens and get ready for bed each night and make sure you refuel with healthy proteins, veggies or fruit after sessions. Include plenty of good fats in your nutrition plan too, as they’re essential for weight management, skin health and stress reduction – fats are best eaten a few hours before your workout, or a few hours afterward, as they’re not well metabolised during or immediately after exercise.

 So a typical week might look like…

§  3 x total body strength training sessions

§  1-2 x dedicated cardio sessions OR simple include 10-15 minutes worth of higher intensity cardio/metabolic conditioning at the end of your strength sessions.

§  1-2 x recovery sessions such as yoga, stretching, a long walk or slow jog

§  1-2 x “just for fun” activities that get you moving!


Here are a few basic ideas:

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Strength

Thursday: Cardio

Friday: Strength

Saturday: Rest or Yoga/Stretch/Walk

Sunday: Rest or Yoga/Stretch/Walk


Monday: Strength/Cardio Combined

Tuesday: Rest or Yoga/Stretch/Walk

Wednesday: Strength/Cardio Combined

Thursday: Rest or Yoga/Stretch/Walk

Friday: Strength/Cardio Combined

Saturday: Rest or Yoga/Stretch/Walk

Sunday: FUN DAY! Do something new, or revisit an old fave ;)

 For those of you who love boxing, running, dancing, cycling and similar, feel free to plug in any of those activities where you see the term “cardio.” Depending on your fitness level, the cardio can be steady state (e.g. joggin) or interval (e.g sprint and rest combos).


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