What's in Season Now

What’s in season now?

Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free – we’ve all heard these labels before, but what about the season-atarian?

Living in California makes this easier than most states. (California exports almost 15% of the produce for the US)

If you don’t live in California, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to source good local fruits and veggies. It just may mean doing a bit of research to see what’s available at different times of the year. I usually buy a ton of berries in the spring and summer and freeze them for those winter months. This is great to capture that summer flavor for breakfast smoothies year round.

So first of all, why should we eat what’s in season?

Well, eating seasonal food brings a connection and attention to our bodies and mind. When we nourish ourselves with foods that are in season, we send a message to our body (and mind) to better adapt to it’s external environment.

Plus, foods in season are much more powerful at the height of their growth (or prana – life force) and can provide greater healing benefits when eaten at the right time.

Think of it this way.  In the spring, we feel a surge of energy that takes us out of winter and into summer. In order to keep your body feeling alive and thriving, you’ll want to feed yourself foods that have the same thriving energy like citrus foods: grapefruits, kumquats. And even cooling foods like: Broccoli, cucumber and peas.

In the fall, the hot soft air of summer, turns into thin, crisp air and we need root vegetables to help ground and warm us through the change in seasons.

Not to mention, choosing to eat seasonally is kinder on the environment. Going to the farmer's market and eating what is locally grown and available, takes out unnecessary grocery packaging, wasted petrol from transportation, as well as extra energy and water used in keeping foods fresh during their long journey to your local grocer. 

How to get started?

Check out the image for a quick list below! I hope this list helps in guiding your purchases at your next farmer’s market. You can also just walk through the market, but sometimes that hard for weekly meal-planning.

Also, this is just a guide. It is not a mandatory list. Food is all about bio-individuality, meaning that one food could be one person’s medicine and yet another’s poison, so please check in with your body and see what feels right for you!

Photo courtesy of PopSugar. Check out their article on Seasonal Eating as well!

Happy shopping!

With love + health,