Fresh Flying

Summer travels are right around the corner and packing for your in-flight journey, whether it’s long or short is just as important as packing for your trip. There is nothing worse than hopping off a flight to greet your new destination, when you feel like lesser, dirtier version of yourself. You want to be fresh - ready to fight jet-lag and get lost into what the world has to offer you!

Here are some solid tips that’ll help you stay fresh and ready for your next destination.

Let's start here...

Water, water, water.

I can’t stress this enough. Try to drink at least a gallon of water the day before your flight and at least 32 ounces before hopping on the plane.

Yes, you may be getting up a lot to go to the restroom, but a few extra trips to bathroom on the plane will help keep your joints and muscles lubricated. The extra hydration will keep your skin soft on a dry plane and not to mention it'll help keep nausea and headaches at bay. Plus, the more hydrated your cells are the more adaptable your body will be to changes in the environment.

Swell has really cute water bottle varieties that are narrow enough to fit nicely into a carry on or small tote. I love this heart one.

I also love this simple app, WaterIn that keeps me focused on meeting my daily water quota

Pack your own herbal tea.

I generally shop organic produce, but if you don’t have the budget to eat all organic, at least follow the dirty dozen rule and purchase organic tea. Organic tea is an absolute must. If you think about it, these herbs are absorbing pesticides and not being washed before drying out. So when it’s time to pour hot water over your tea, you’re drinking a hot cup of pesticides.

If you're looking for a more premium tea, grade try Argoya's healing teas. The detox, ginger turmeric and black chocolate are some of my favorites. You can even use this beautiful tea mug to go. Add hot water and you're good to go!

Don't want to mess with loose leaf? I recommend Organic India Tulsi Tea. Try to stick to caffeine free options if possible - I don’t always recommend caffeine on a flight, but if you’d like to have a bit of a punch before hopping off the flight, green tea and even black tea are a better choice than coffee.

For your skin.

I love packing rose water and lotion for my face and hand. This is a biggie. Rose water has so many amazing benefits. It’s soothes your skin, calms your nervous system and serves as moisture sealant when using your face lotion. Meaning, the water molecules lock on to your lotion and keep the lotion at the surface, rather than the allowing lotion to seep into your skin and clogging your pores. Your skin eats whatever is on it, so having this added layer of moisture helps keep your pores hydrated and moisturized - not constipated.

For your ears.

4)   Frends headphones. These darling headphones are perfect for long or short flights. They’re soft, stylish and produce great sound. Pair these with some soft sweat pants, Nike high tops, and this urban tee and you’re set.


For your feet.

Thick socks + wrap scarfs. This is the most important item you can pack on your flight as planes usually run cold, recycled air that routes your neighbors germs into your seat. I usually avoid turning on the air vent for that reason. Wool socks are a good option, because they keep you warm and wick away sweat. This Alternative Apparel wrap scarf is so versatile as blanket, head wrap, eye cover, pillow… I mean, it’s just amazing.

Now you just need a ticket! See you in August, Sicily!

Lot’s of love and wanderlust.