Bring Peace and Love Into Your Home – and Keep it There

Your home is a sacred space that can be grounding, inspiring, insightful and healing. And out of all of the spaces and rooms you spend time in, the most important space is the bedroom.

The bedroom, think bed-room is a place of rest, restoration and sex. Nothing else. So many people suffer from lack of sleep and move through their lives without properly recharging. I myself know by now that I cannot function without a good sleep, and frankly a good romp under the covers every now and then. So in order to stay fresh, alert and inspired I stay true to these tips below:

De-clutter your space

You’ll want to first establish more yin energy and clear out all unnecessary clutter. That means:

            + No papers

            + No work

            + Nothing under the bed

            + Nothing piled up around you

            + No work in the bedroom

Take out all electronics

Electronics emit EMFs - electromagnetic fields  - which can travel around the room and keep your mind buzzing throughout the night, so it’s always best to keep them out and at the very least, keep your phone on the other side of the room, Not near your head nor on your nightstand.

            + No TV

            + No tablets and no phones

Keep the energy flowing

Living in Southern California is a treat, and I take full advantage of leaving my windows open to bring the ocean breeze through. If you do not have a natural flow of cross-ventilation use fans to keep the air fresh and moving.

Plants are also nice air purifiers and can help absorb energy so bring in a few potted plants to help purify your room and visually calm the mind.

            + Keep airflow open

            + Bring in plants

Splurge on a mattress

Your mattress should physically support you and your dreams.

First make sure your mattress isn’t sagging in the middle, or has a spring popping out in an awkward place.  Also, how long have you had your mattress? Did you have the same one growing up? If so, that’s a lot of energy absorbed over the years and it might be time to start fresh.

If you can spend a little more, I recommend an organic mattress with natural and organic materials. So many popular mattresses, including temperpedic, have toxic off –gassing that is absorbed during sleep (6-8 hours of direct exposure).

This can affect short-term rest and overall long-term health.

            + Mattress strength to support your dreams

            + Organic mattress are better for long term health

Essentia and Keetsa are two of my favorites. Although a bit pricier than normal mattresses, the health benefits of a restful, chemical-free sleep is something worth considering.

Bring a little love in the bedroom

Lastly, Just bring in two flowers that bring you joy. They can be roses if you’d like, and put them in a nice vase next to your bed. When you climb in and out of bed, think and meditate a bit on what love means to you and what your grateful for. Once the flowers die, get rid of them. Do not keep dead flowers in the house.

            + 2 fresh flowers next to the bed

Hopefully these small tips help you make your space unique and perfect to your energy and needs.  When we take time to value what is in our homes and why certain things are located where they are, it can provide space and openness to rest, restore, inspire and manifest.

With love and inspiration,

Summer xx


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