Trimming Tips for Bikini Season


Okay, so now that summer is (finally) here in LA, we’re all working out and watching what we eat for those amazing beach days in the sun right?

If not, you need to come join us for our bootcamp sessions over the weekends! Schedule is here :)

And if you’re already working out, but are looking to trim down a bit more, then I recommend the following steps:

Start by introducing a more alkalizing food into your daily regimen. This means cutting out: coffee, sugar, complex carbs, alcohol, meats and cheeses. And introducing the following: green leafy veggies (cooked and raw), herbal teas, and heaps of water. I try to drink a gallon a day.

2) Start a ritual of hot water with lemon every morning. This will help alkalize the body, plus give you a nice kick of vitamin C in the morning.

3) Add in good probiotics, by taking a probiotic supplement on an empty tummy in the morning. This will help boot out the bad bacteria in our gut, which leaves us feeling bloated and puffy, plus many other health benefits like clearing fogging brain, balancing digestion, etc… I personally take a shot of kombucha in the morning. You can also take a probiotic pill, or source probiotics from other natural sources like coconut kefir, organic yogurt or spirulina. Check out MBG’s recommended sources for more info.

4) Stop eating after 7pm. This is tough, but you can do it. Eat dinner by 6:30-7p and if you get hungry later in the night, grab some fruit and eat it slowly. The slower the better. You’ll enjoy it more and notice that you’re not as hungry as you originally thought you were. Still hungry. Try this nighttime tea recipe.

5) Start stripping down in your workouts. Yep! I said it. You can do this by wearing just a sports bra or short booty shorts. This one is particularly confronting for me, but hey, that’s okay. Having a greater sense of body awareness and appreciation is what makes women truly beautiful. To be honest, it has taken me a long time to get used to my short torso. I’m never going to be a long Victoria's Secret model. But I will be strong, healthy and the best version of myself. So, get in those skivvies and rock that hot bod! 



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