Hump Day HIIT Workout #2


Throw it back and hiit the track this week. All you need is yourself and a timer.

This workout is simple, yet a total fat burner because the distances and reps are high, yet manageable enough that you’ll be able to push yourself harder than you think. Whether you’re an advance exerciser or just starting out this workout will get your heart rate up and send a shock to your metabolism.

>> The workout <<

Sprint 300 meters on the track

Complete all reps of exercise 1 (60 x walkouts)

Sprint 300 meters again and move on to exercise 2 (60 x jump lunges)

Then sprint again and make your way down the list with a 300m sprint in-between 


  • 60 x Walkouts
  • 60 x Jump Lunges
  • 30 x Burpees
  • 30 x Push Ups
  • 60 x Air Squats
  • 30 x Skaters
  • 60 second Plank
  • 60 x Mountain Climbers
  • 60 x Up/Down Plank


If you’re a beginner cut the sprint to 150 meters and reps down to 30 + 15 reps

Advanced? Set a timer and see how long it takes to get to the bottom of the list. Recover for a good 2 minutes (but keep your legs moving by walking around or light jogging) and do it again, but this time try to beat your previous time.

** Quick Tip **

Make sure you’re warmed up properly for this workout. You can run a series of drills to get your body and mind ready. I like to do 20 yards of the following: butt kicks, high knees, carioca left/right, side shuffles left/right, forward lunge and twist. At the end of the workout take time to cool down and stretch.

It’s also easy to let go of  quality form when you’re tired. Try keeping your lower belly pulled-in during the exercises and let the movement originate from the core. That will help minimize overuse from the hip flexors and glutes.

Good luck!