Hump Day HIIT #1

Hey boss girls,

We're going to start this article series with a bang. Welcome to Hump Day workouts on One Summer Day! The circuit below can be done anywhere and can be shortened for available time or fitness level.

After the warmup perform each exercise in the circuit for :60 seconds, then repeat for :45 and again for :30. Then move on to the next circuit. Don't have a lot of time? Just go for :60 seconds all the way through each circuit. Beginners aim for :60 and :45 and take breaks when you need to and more experienced girls can grab some light weights (5-10lbs) for an added level of ouch.


. Warm Up . 

+ 20 Twisting lunges

Right and left is 1 rep

+ 20 Air Squats

+ Side Shuffle

20 yards leading left then right

+ 20 Walk Out to Push Up


. Core .

+ Plank walks

Start in full plank. Lower to forearms and then lift back up to full plank

+ Spidergirls 

Start in downward dog, move forward to plank, lift right leg and bring your knee to the outside of your elbow. Bend elbows in a tricep push up, then come back to plank with the right foot back next to the left. Repeat on the left side

+ Russian Twists

Sitting on your toosh, lift feet and twist right to left with the upper body. Bring your lower belly back to your spine and keep your shoulders and mid back off the floor. Use a medicine ball to add intensity.

+ Opposite Arm/Leg Extension

Start kneeling on hands and knees and extend right arm forward and left leg back hover for a breath. Crunch in until your elbow meets your knee, then switch sides



. Legs . 

+ Step Back Lunge to Front Kick

Start standing with feet together. Step right foot back into a lunge, keeping the lower belly in and the hip points evenly facing in front of you. Then ground down in the left heal, lift your back right leg and kick in front of you. Go for the full time (:60, :45, :30) on the right side and then switch to Left.

+ Skinny Squat, Wide Squat (With a Jump)

Start with your feet close together and sit down like you're in a chair. Focus on keeping your chest lifted. Then hop up and land lightly with bent knees and with your feet wider than hips distance.  Squat down, jump up and land in a narrow squat and repeat.

+ Skaters

Jump laterally with one foot while the other tracks behind the body. Touch your back foot down for a beat, then jump laterally to the other side with opposite foot touching down. Gaze is 3 feet in front of the body, both hip points in the front of the body are pointing forward. Advanced exercisers can hover the back leg.

+ Squat with 180 degree Jump Squat Turn

Squat down 3 times, then jump up and twist your body in a clockwise direction 180 degrees. Squat again 3 times and repeat.


. Arms .

+ Plank with front arm raise

Starting a plank position, move your heals and head away from the center of your body. Bring your lower belly into your spine and align your shoulders over your wrists. Lift your right arm directly in-front of your body and twist your hand so your pinkie finger is closest to your face, hover for a breath, lower and repeat on the other side. You can modify by coming down to your forearms if needed.

+ Frogger to Push Up

Starting in a plank position, bring you right foot to the outside of your body so your foot is in line with your hands. Hope up and switch feet in the air, so your left foot is now in-line with your hands. Hop up to a normal plank, both feet back and bend the elbows wide for a chest push up.

+ Side Plank Crunches

Start in a plank position and rotate the body to the side until you're on your right hand and your right shoulder is in line with your right hip and right foot. You can stack the feet or drop down the right knee. From here you can either stay here or lift the top hip up into the sky. Do the full time (:60, :45, :30) then switch to the left side.

+ Dips

My favorite! Start on your toosh with your knees bent and hands behind your body, fingers pointed towards you. Staying on the heals of the feet and hands lift your body off the ground and just bend the elbows in a tricep dip. If you have a chair, bench or couch you can use those too.