Sexy, Strong, Detoxifying Tonic

Did I get your attention?

I hope so, because this tonic is heavenly.


Using my new favorite superfood – Ashwagandha.

This warming health tonic will make you smile with it’s amazing benefits, such as:

+ Stress relief

+ Aids in muscle recovery and cell regeneration (aka anti-aging)

+ Reduces free radicals in the body with anti-oxidants

+ Increased fertility + sex drive


Why would you not want this essential source of nutrients?


What you need:

Servings : 2


3 – 4 dates

2 cups of almond milk

2 tsp of ashwagandha

1 tsp of vanilla

1 tsp of maca (optional)




Blend all of the ingredients in a blender and heat in a pan until warm. Only heat until warm. Almond milk easily boils up and over pots, so keep an eye on it to avoid a mess in the kitchen! I tend to forget this and constantly make a mess in the kitchen. My boyfriend calls me “” because I am the worst at keeping things tidy while I cook!

Pour into your favorite mug and sip with gratitude.