Sweet + Strengthening Smoothie (Post Workout)

After a good session I like to fuel my body within the hour. Protein provides the building blocks of muscle and carbs and fats restore proper glycogen levels and aid the recovery of the body and mind. You’ll want to consume all three groups immediately following a good workout.


A smoothie is the fastest way to hit all groups in one glass. I love this recipe because it’s a sweet reward after a tough session. Just a little something to look forward to while you sweat it out.


+ 2 Tbs Raw Cacao Powder

+ 1 Cup of Almond Milk (no added sugar)

+ 1 scoop of plant-based protein powder. I like Plant Fusion.

+ ½ a Banana

+ 1 Tbs of Udo Omega Oil

+ 1 bunch of Spinach

+ Pinch of Himalayan Salt



Blend almond milk, cacao, banana, oil and spinach until smooth. Then add in protein powder. Blend. And finally add a pinch of salt at the end to enhance the sweetness.


* Trainer Tip – If you’re buying store-bought almond milk, make sure to grab bottles without added sugar. It will most likely have other hidden chemicals and preservatives, so the more natural the flavor the better. You can always make your own too! *