Power Breakfast Bowl For Energy

In the morning I like to start my day with a power protein breakfast with a balance of grains, veggies and healthy fats. The best part of eating slow-burn fuel (fats and proteins) is that it sets up me up for stable energy, moods, laser thinking. Plus it aids in muscle recovery and keeps me full until lunch.


What you need:

-       2 Free Range Eggs

-       1 Cup of Dark Leafy Greens

-       Tbs of Turmeric

-       Tbs of Coconut oil

-       ½ cup of quinoa



+ Scramble the raw eggs in a bowl + chop the greens into bite-size pieces while you cook quinoa. Put coconut oil and turmeric in a pan and cook greens, add in eggs for a veggie scramble. Serve eggs and veggies over quinoa.

* Trainer Tip – Don’t be afraid of eating the whole egg! The whole egg has the complete amino acid profile, which will better support muscle recovery and keep you full longer. You can also substitute the eggs for beans for a vegan option. *