Stress Busting Salad

Lunch is the biggest meal of the day for me. I keep it simple and rotate my fat and protein sources throughout the week to keep my taste buds happy and amino stores full and thriving. It’s important to go big for lunch, yet keep it balanced to avoid feeling lethargic later in the afternoon.


What you need:


+ 1 Cup of Spinach

+ 8-10 Almonds

+ 1/3 cup of Kidney Beans

+ Clean protein the size of your palm (approx.: 3 ounces): Flax-based Tempeh, Sardines or Organic Free Range Chicken

* NOTE: Serious athletes and men should increase portion size



2 Tbs Olive oil

1 tbs white wine vinegar

Spritz of lemon

Dash of black pepper


Method: Mix ingredients for dressing and toss salad, add protein on top of salad last.


*Trainer Tip:

My stress busting salad has 3 parts that make this everyday salad, extraordinary for mind and body health.


1) Spinach leafs (folic acid) to improve blood flow to the brain

2) Almonds, artichokes or kidney beans (magnesium) to aid in muscle recovery, reduces stress and improve mood

3) A small portion of clean meat or flax-seed tempeh (veggie protein) to wake up the body by sending neurotransmitters to the brain!*

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